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Blackmagic CINEURSANWFRSTUD Studio Fiber Converter – UPC:9338716005332

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Blackmagic CINEURSANWFRSTUD Studio Fiber Converter – UPC:9338716005332



TheĀ Blackmagic Design Studio Fiber ConverterĀ is a bi-directional fibre optic interface for the Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter. Able to communicate with a Camera Fiber Converter up to 1.6 miles away, the Studio Fiber Converter can be implemented in OB vans, television studios, and large venues to carry video, audio, communication, and control signals over a single SMPTE fibre connection. On the rear panel, SDI connections for HD or UHD 4K video and HD return feeds are available. Audio breaks out from the four XLR connections. Additional connections include a reference in and out, PTZ and intercom/tally on D connectors, Ethernet, and SFP fibre (requires separately available SFP cage). The front panel features alone SMPTE fibre connector for the Camera Fiber Converter and a 5″ display.

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